Bishop Robert Carter

Senior Pastor

Cited as one of many new aged apostolic trailblazers, Bishop Robert Carter has been anointed for such a time and season as this.  Raised in the urban area of Houston Texas and rural areas of Louisiana, Bishop Carter was blessed with many opportunities to better his social status growing up; rather than become labeled by society as another inner-city statistic.  While growing up in the inner city there were many negative facets that were around to deter one’s way of living.  Instead of succumbing to these facets, Bishop Carter used these facets of negativity and turned them into positives.


Bishop Carter’s background comes from a wealth of influence.  Having strong support from his Grandparents, he became quite active in the church. Later being called of God at the age of six, it was truly a given that Bishop Carter would truly preach the gospel for the rest of his life.  Having been blessed to work in the church, his first pastorate was at the age of sixteen. Learning how to deal with people and discern spiritual effectiveness would be a task not so easily learned. The greatest blessing truly came after hearing the Apostle’s doctrine preached at the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ From God, who was just minutes from his home.  It was this preaching, this teaching, and this urging that led Bishop Carter to be baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ according to Acts 2:38, and to ultimately receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost as in Acts 2:4.


Bishop Carter has been on the mission ever since and has determined to further build the Kingdom of God.  He has been instrumental in establishing various churches in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Maryland, Virginia, and Nevada areas.  He is mostly sought after for his expertise in Church Administration, Episcopal Polity and Training, and his theological rhetoric.  He is indeed an influential Pastor with relationships connecting to various civic, city, state, and national leaders of public office since he is a recipient of many of their proclamations and honors.  


Bishop Carter currently serves on the General Board of Bishops of the International Bible Way Church of Jesus Christ, Inc., and serves as the Diocesan Bishop of the Texas State Diocese.  He is the Senior Pastor of the Greater Bible Way Church in Houston Texas, and his greatest accomplishment is being married to the love of his life, First Lady Lanette Carter.


Bishop & First Lady Carter are the esteemed parents of Lawrence, Cameron, Layla, and Jeremiah Carter.